We offer PMS Services exclusively for high net worth individuals and corporate having large direct equity portfolios.  

Adopting a consultative approach with the Client, our Portfolio Manager aims to generate absolute returns by recommending companies with strong business model led by credible management team for medium term wealth creation.

We cover nearly entire range of PMS avenues available in India. We will be answer to any and all PMS related queries. With a strong research support that tracks both companies and macro-economic factors we assist our clients to build a broad-based quality portfolio with a judicious mix of long and medium term investment ideas with strategic and tactical cash allocation strategies. The client actively participates in the investment process and has complete control over investment decisions.

The PMS product not only enables our client act timely on investment opportunities but also have an expert view in the monitoring the portfolio to match risk-return expectations, include diversification within is investment constraints.

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Key Features

  • Strong and Active risk management.

  • Diversification of portfolio for adequately spreading equity related risks.

  • Active and regular monthly review and portfolio rebalancing.

  • Experienced and Professional fund management team.

  • Flexibility to switch from one strategy to other.

  • Additional purchase facility & Partial Withdrawal facility.

PMS We Offer

  • Axis Brand Equity Portfolio
  • ICICI Prudential Multi Manager Portfolio
  • ICICI Prudential PMS Flexi Cap Portfolio
  • ICICI Prudential PMS Contra Portfolio
  • Invesco India Caterpillar Portfolio
  • Invesco India Sector Opportunities Portfolio
  • Invesco India Large Cap Core Portfolio
  • Invesco India R.I.S.E
  • Kotak Special Situations Value Portfolio S-1
  • Kotak Special Situations Value Portfolio S-2
  • Kotak Fintech Portfolio
  • Motilal Oswal India Opportunity Portfolio
  • Motilal Oswal Value Strategy Portfolio
  • Motilal Oswal NTDOP Strategy Portfolio
  • Nippon India Absolute Freedom Portfolio
  • Nippon India High Conviction Portfolio
  • Nippon India Emerging India Portfolio
  • PGIM India Core Equity Portfolio
  • SBI Growth With Values Portfolio
  • Sundaram India Secular Opportunities Portfolio
  • Tata ACT strategy Portfolio


1. What are the benefits of PMS Portfolios?

There are many benefits of availing Portfolio Management Services. Some of them are
  • Professional Management: PMS provides professional management of portfolios with the objective of delivering consistent long-term performance while controlling risk.
  • Constant Portfolio Tracking:Fund Management Team tracks investments continuously with an aim of maximizing returns.
  • Risk Control: Fund houses have well defined investment philosophy & robust portfolio management software that enables the entire construction, monitoring and the risk management processes.
  • Convenience: Service relieves you from all the administrative hassles of your investments.
  • Transparency: Account Statements and performance reports are shared with the investors, at intervals.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager:Your Relationship manager will help you carefully understand your financial goals and advise you the right product mix. The relationship managers ensure that you receive periodic updates and account performance reports.
  • Personalized Approach:In PMS, you gain direct personalized access to the professional money managers who actively manage your portfolio. This interaction may come in various different ways including in-person meetings, conference calls, written commentary, etc with the fund management team.
2. How can I monitor the performance of my portfolio?

As a part of our service offering and in an endeavour to provide complete transparency of the dealings in the clients PMS account, the following reports are emailed to the clients to their registered email id/ mailed to the correspondence address, which will enable the clients to track their portfolios. The reports are sent on a monthly basis before the 10th of the next month.

  • Account Performance Statement
  • Holding Statement
  • Transaction Statement
  • Capital Movement Statement
  • Corporate Action Statement
  • Client Information
  • Taxable Gain/Loss statement
  • Audited reports certified by a CA will be sent to all clients annually after March-year end audit is completed.
3. Can I book my profits partially any time?

Yes, you can withdraw your profit anytime you want, provided your portfolio‘s value does not fall below the prescribed limit of Rs. 25 Lacs, as per SEBI regulations.

4. Who can open a PMS account?

You can open a PMS account with us, if you are:

  • An Individual
  • A Hindu Undivided Families
  • An Association of Persons
  • A Limited Companies
  • A Partnership Firm
  • A Proprietorship
  • A Trust
  • An NRI, overseas company, firm, society or an overseas trust (subject to RBI approval)

Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)

Other than the traditional modes of investment of equities, fixed income and cash, through Alternate Investment Fund (AIF) we offer our clients an investment vehicle through which they can invest in non-traditional options such as real estate fund, private equity, hedge funds, etc. AIFs are ideal for high net worth individuals, institutional and corporate customers.

These funds broaden the investment avenues by diversifying the client’s portfolio through an extensive range of products such as Private Equity, Residential & Commercial Real Estate services, Real Estate Funds, Hedge Funds etc.

AIFs are categorized into the following three categories:-

Category-I:  Mainly invest in start-ups or early stage ventures, social ventures, SMEs, infrastructures which are considered socially or economically important for the country.

Category-II:  These include private equity funds and debt funds. Private equity funds and debt offers investment in diversified portfolios managed by experienced fund managers in line with well-defined investment strategies.

Category-III: These include hedge funds or funds which trade with a view of short term return and open ended funds. Hedge funds are aggressively managed and use several types of strategies such as leveraged, long, short and derivative positions in both domestic and international markets.

Products We Have for You

DSP Investment Managers Private Limited
  • DSP India Enhanced Equity SatCore Fund, Category-III
Indiabulls Asset Management Company Limited
  • Indiabulls Affordable Housing Fund, Category-II
  • Indiabulls Dual Advantage Commercial Asset Fund, Category-II
Nippon India Asset Management Company Limited
  • Nippon India Equity Opportunity AIF, Category-III
Sundaram Alternate Assets Limited
  • Sundaram AlF– High Yield Secured Debt Fund, Category-II
Tata Asset Management Limited
  • Tata Absolute Return Fund, Category-III